How to apply for trademark registration using CELLO™

How to apply for trademark registration using CELLO

You can apply for trademark registration in South Korea using online trademark registration service CELLO™in very easy way as follows.

1. Click Start button on the top or middle of CELLO website.

2. Please sign up by input the minimum information of yours and clicking "Join CELLO" button

3. When you finish signing up, you can see a page of "Apply for Trademark Registration". Please select between "Smart Coverage" and "Complete Coverage" and click "Save" buttion.

4. Please select type of mark, and write down exact name of mark which is business or product name. If your mark include logo(figure), please upload image file of your logo(figure).

5. Please answer the Yes/No questions so that we can advise on your trademark application and deciding designated products/services.

6. Please select all classes from class 1 to class 45 which are the group of products for services on which you will use your trademark.

7. Please select whether you would like to apply for a priority examination.

* If you apply for priority examination, you can shorten the examination period of KPO which normally takes 6-12 months, to 2-3 months. However, an additional government fee of USD 160 and a legal fee of USD 110 will be charged to apply for priority examination.

8. Please input the information of applicant. If you finish up input all items please submit your application by clicking apply button, and if you have some items you do not decide yet, please save button so that you edit your application and submit when you decide them.

9. You can see your list of application for trademark registrations and you can monitor the status of trademark application in real-time. If you click an item of the list you can see the whole information you input for trademark application.


Guide to trademark application and registration process after application

After completing the application for a trademark application in Cello, Cello will review the registration possibility and recommend the designated product based on the information. After consulting with a cello expert and confirming the merchandise and designated products, the cello expert completes the application by filling out the application form and related documents for the trademark application and submitting the application to the Patent Office.

About 6-9 months after application (1 ~ 2 months in case of priority examination), KIP will examine trademark registration. If KIPO does not find any reason for rejection of trademark registration, it will decide the disclosure of application. But if KIPO find reasons for rejection or correction, it will issue an order for submitting applicant's opinion or a correction order. Cello responds office actions by writing and submitting a professional opinion when an opinion order or correction order is issued. 

If there is no objection to a trademark that has been filed for two months after the decision of the notification of application, the KPO makes a decision to register the trademark, and if the registration fee is paid, the trademark registration is completed and the trademark right becomes effective.